Brewer of the Year Competition

The Brewer of the Year Competition is an internal competition for members of IE Brewers. The competition starts January 1st and continues through the Christmas party in December. Points can be accumulated by entering and also winning judged competitions (must claim IE Brewers as their club in the competition registration), sharing style of the month beers at monthly meetings, or by helping with club-related business. Volunteering as representatives of the club by judging or stewarding will also earn points.

Additional opportunities for points may be available in the future and will be described as they arise.

The homebrewer who accumulates the most points over the year will be crowned as the Homebrewer of the Year and will receive a $100 gift certificate to MoreBeer and free membership to the club for 2020 (along with your spouse).

To submit points from a competition, please submit your request for points through the form site found here:

Additional opportunities for points will be available in the future and will be described and added as they arise.

Point Guidelines

Style of the Month
1 point per beer that is in the style of the month
1/2 point per beer that is out of the style of the month
Competitions (AHA/BJCP-Sanctioned Competitions ONLY)
Enter a Competition (Per Competition) 1 Point
Judge at a Competition 2 Points
Steward at a Competition 1 Point
Best of Show 1st Place 6 Points
Best of Show 2nd Place 5 Points
Best of Show 3rd Place 4 Points
1st Place in Any Category 3 Points
2nd Place in Any Category 2 Points
3rd Place in Any Category 1 Point
Honorable Mention in Any Category 0.5 Point
Keg Donations to Festivals or other Activities (max 6 points per event)
3 points per 5 gallons donated
1 points per 2.5 gallon keg donated
Volunteering to host a brewing demo
5 point for hosting the demo
Volunteering to do an Educational Presentation at a Meeting
2 point per presentation